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What is a Gastrobar?

The answer is the perfect blend of three remarkable ingredients:


But first things first-

Over time, our team has become recognized as the real face of quality night life and a unique clubbing experience. This success has not only made us proud, but has given us the enthusiasm to go a step further. Driven by the challenge of fully meeting the expectations of our public, we’ve created something new and different, yet close to everyone– Visage, the original Gastrobar.

We’ve dedicated more than two years to creating this concept, guided by your desire to meet us and enjoy our services throughout the day. On our journey we have met people dedicated to perfection, who have given their generous contribution to this story.

Together with culinary virtuosos we have come up with a completely new experience based on familiar homemade dishes.

Top barkeepers who believe that mixology is not just mixing drinks but an art form in itself, have prepared for you unforgettable moments served in glass.

To round it all off, we have created an ambience filled with music that moves you to the core, making every moment special.


your highest expectations


your best moments


with all your senses

Visage food

A thoughtfully composed selection of modern all-time favorite international dishes featuring the freshest possible ingredients and elegant presentation. We create simple, yet sophisticated culinary experience, playing with well-known flavours to achieve indulgent and fulfilling food.

We don’t serve dishes, we serve soul food.

Why is Balkan food
so irresistibly tasty?

In the Balkans, food and family are deeply connected, there is no meal without good conversation. Every meal is for sharing and enjoying with loved ones. But love of the family is not the only ingredient, Balkan food is also fresh and flavourful. That’s because in most Balkan countries people grow their own vegetables and fruits.

Good, fresh ingredients and a lot of love,
that is how Balkan food is so irresistibly tasty.

Visage drinks

What makes a good bar? Is it the interior grandeur, the extensive drink selection that leaves you spoilt for choice or having chic front row seats? Whatever your definition, we bring together the best of it, we will definitely tick one of your boxes, if not all.

Fancy a drink?

We raised the bar

All your favourites are here – just better. Premium spirits, the finest ingredients, and perfect ice. We serve more than 40 sensational cocktails with deliciously deep flavours and delectable aromas. Using a range of high-quality international spirits, fruits, and spices, an expert team of mixologists create both classic and inventive signature cocktails for our guests.

Ah, decisions, decisions…

Visage style

How can we define our style? For us, the answer is simple. With everything we do, we create an ambience where absolute guest contentment is our only priority. To us, there’s nothing more precious than great food, great cocktails and great music. From the moment you walk through our doors, we want to delight you.

That’s where we set the bar — and we don’t settle for less.

The enjoyment of music

Good music is part of our identity the same as delicious food and irresistible cocktails.
A subtle, mesmerizing fusion of deep melodic house and live acoustic sessions fill the
room with a unique atmosphere and delights our guests,
leaving them with a sincere smile.


And yes, we don’t have customer service.
For us, it’s not just a department,
it’s the attitude of our whole team.


A special location requires a special dress code:
You are beautiful- from Business Look to Smart Casual / Dress to Impress!
Achten Sie darauf, keine Shorts, Baseball Caps, schrill bedruckte T-Shirts, Sport- und Badebekleidung, Sandalen oder Flip Flops sowie Joggingschuhe zu tragen.
Wir bitten Sie, auf Joggingschuhe zu verzichten.

Vielen Dank für Ihr Verständnis!

A special location requires a special dress code:
You are beautiful- from Business Look to Smart Casual / Dress to Impress!
Molimo Vas da ispoštujete naš pravilnik oblačenja koji nalaže smart/casual stil. Izbegavajte šorceve, kačkete, bodi majice, sportsku garderobu za slobodno vreme kao što su sandale, japanke, sportske patike i slično.
Molimo Vas da izbegavate jogging/sportsku obuću.

U ime naših gostiju a i za Vaš lični ugodjaj - Hvala na razumevanju!